International Property Insurance

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International Property Insurance

International Property Insurance

Foreign Commercial Property Insurance

Our International Commercial Property Insurance compensates the insured for financial losses resulting from damage to overseas buildings owned by the insured and damage to building contents.

International Property Insurance Coverage is Available for:

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Mercantile Buildings

  • Habitational Properties

  • International School Buildings and Organizations

  • Commercial Manufacturing Buildings

  • Buildings Under Constructions

  • Heavy Construction Machinery

  • Cargo, Shipments and Property In Transit Overseas

The policy also includes coverage for business income losses due to:

  • Physical loss or damage to the facilities of an overseas supplier or customer;
  • Loss of property in the custody of a salesperson; or
  • Loss of income derived from foreign royalties.

Our International Property Insurance Coverage is provided on an all-risk basis and can be tailored for each insured’s particular needs. The International Property Insurance Policy can include coverage for commercial buildings (sales offices and warehouse), their contents, goods in transit, business interruption and trade show exhibitions. A range of deductibles are available, as well as Sabotage & Terrorism Insurance.

International Marine Cargo Insurance

Worldwide coverage is provided for goods in transit, whether by land, by sea or by air.  Policy features include:

  • Reimbursement for lost of damaged goods, as well as coverage for any additional payments that may be required.
  • Automatic coverage for all lawful goods that fall within the scope of the insuring agreement.
  • Continuous International Insurance Coverage of goods from point of shipment to final destination of delivery. Coverage applies if goods are damaged in transit, or if transit if interrupted due to circumstances beyond the insured’s control.
  • Valuation provisions based on invoice of goods, all invoice charges, freight and a 10% insured advance to reflect more accurately expected landed costs.
  • General average provisions to protect against payments required under maritime law. Property Insurance International

Additional International Property Insurance Protection is available:
   Including Coverage for War Risk, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion.

Comprehensive Dishonesty, Disappearance & Destruction Insurance

This International fidelity and commercial crime insurance policy covers losses due to:

  • Employee Dishonesty:

    Loss of money, securities or other property, resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts by an employee acting alone or in collusion with others.
  • Loss Inside Premises:

    Loss of money or securities due to actual destruction, disappearance or wrongful appropriation within the premises or on banking premises.  Coverage extends to loss of property due to robbery of safe, cash register or cash box, as well as actual damage to the premises due to burglary or robbery within.
  • Loss Outside Premises:

    Loss of money, securities or other property while being transported beyond the policyholder’s premises by a messenger or armored vehicle.
  • Counterfeit Paper Currency and Money Orders:

    Provides insurance coverage for losses stemming from ‘good faith’ acceptance of counterfeit paper currency of money orders presented in exchange for actual merchandise, money or services.
  • Depositors’ Forgery:

    Covers the insured for losses involving forgery or alteration of any check, bank draft, promissory note or similar promise to pay a certain sum of money.

Castle Rock International Offers The Following International Property Insurance Coverages:International Property Insurance Coverage

Options also include coverage for toll fraud, credit card forgery and/or computer fraud.

At Castle Rock International Insurance Agency our job is to match the right International Property Insurance Company with the Right International Insurance Coverage with each individual or company seeking coverage. For more information CONTACT US about International Property Insurance Programs.

International Property Insurance

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