Contaminated Products Insurance

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Contaminated Products Insurance

Accidental Products Contamination:

Accidental Contamination is any accidental or unintentional contamination, impairment or mislabeling of an Insured’s Product(s) or any adverse publicity implying such, which occurs during or as a result of its production, preparation, manufacture, packaging or distribution—provided that the use or consumption of such Insured’s Product(s) has resulted in or would result in a manifestation of bodily injury, sickness, disease or death of any person(s) within 120 days following such consumption or use, or has caused or would cause physical damage to (or destruction of) tangible property, including animals and/or livestock.

Malicious Product Tampering:

Malicious Tampering is any actual, alleged or threatened, intentional, malicious and wrongful alteration or contamination of the Insured’s Product(s) whether or not by an employee of the Insured, so as to render it unfit or dangerous for use or consumption or to create such an impression to the public.

Covered Losses

Recall Costs

Business Interruption

  • Loss of Gross Profit
  • Extra Expense
  • Business Rehabilitation Costs
    (sublimited to 25%)
  • Consultant Costs ( unlimited)


  • Accidental Contamination- $30,000,000
  • Malicious Tampering- $150,000,000


  • Accidental Contamination- Varies with risk and limit
  • Malicious Tampering- Usually 1% of limit


  • Accidental Contamination- 15% preferred, negotiable


  • Worldwide

Premium Rating

Based on:

  • Revenues of the Insured
  • Product Type
  • Packaging
  • Past Incidents
  • Crisis Management/ Recall Plans
  • Geographic Markets
  • Quality Control
  • Product Testing

Contaminated Products Insurance

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