Top 10 Kidnap Rated Countries with Ransom Stats

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Top 10 Kidnap Rated Countries with Ransom Stats
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Top 10 Places to get Kidnapped From

Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure, however lately the Incidence of Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion is abundant. Over the past several years the kidnap and ransom patterns have changed drastically. So much so that countries that you thought may be free of kidnappings may be high risk kidnap zones, and countries that you may have though safe and innocent could be the greatest kidnap and ransom zones.

Kidnap for Ransom cases are not like what you see on TV

Most Kidnap for Ransom cases abroad do not have demands in the 6 to 8 figure arena in real life. In fact according to CAAC-MRPO's kidnap statistics in 2005 the average amount paid for reported Kidnap for Ransom cases paid only $62,071.83 USD. Usually the unreported cases of Kidnap abroad are rumored to pay as little as few as a few thousand pesos or a few hundred USD.

More often Kids are Traveling Overseas and out of the Country

Kidnap Insurance Ransom Insurance Extortion Insurance

School groups, church groups and out vacationing children are more apt to leave the country to learn about other cultures. Many school trips, benevolent religious groups and organizations are taking students abroad to learn about assist other cultures. Many groups, parents and even the ones traveling are not aware of the many risks and dangers of potential kidnap in countries outside of ours. Many are untrained as to what to do in kidnap situations or the statistical likelihood of their abduction.

48% of Kidnap for Ransom Incidents occur in Latin America

According to Insurance Carrier AIG's Crisis Management Division in Philadelphia, "there are over 20,000 reported kidnap for Ransom incidents annually, with 48 percent of them occurring in Latin America."

80% of Kidnap for Ransom Cases go Unreported

Additionally, the term "reported" is deceiving due largely to the fact that statistically speaking, less than 20% of kidnap cases go reported and that actual numbers estimated by experts indicate that the actual kidnap numbers range between 5 to 6 times the reported number of kidnap cases. This is largely due to distrust or participation to local law enforcement participation. Based on this secondary statistic, that places the annual incidence of Kidnap for Ransom closer to 100,000 cases per year.

Less than 70% of Fortune 500 Companies have Insurance for Kidnap or Ransom for their employees.

If you are an employee of a large company and are sent out of the country or overseas or travel with you family you may be a kidnap target. With the increase of the concept of a global economy and organizations taking foothold in international countries,more and more executives, salespeople, and liaisons and traveling out of the country for sales, training and marketing. As such they often become tagged as kidnap targets with high ransom values. Furthermore, the companies that do opt for coverage for Kidnap Insurance, Ransom Insurance and or Extortion Insurance often neglect to train their staff on kidnap or abduction avoidance.

Kidnap Statistics from Prior Years

More complete data from prior years are as follows, and have become less readily available due to political and insurance reasons.

 Kidnap Insurance Statistics

It is evident that the patterns have changed over the last decade with the newest, most rapidly rising kidnap country being India. Currently the Indian Government recognizes over 700 active Kidnap for Ransom gangs ranging from Separatists to Jihadist Movements.

Average Ransom Paid out Per Kidnap Case

The following chart indicates Kidnap Victims per year, Ransom Paid and Average Ransom Paid per Kidnap Case Reported. 

 Kidnap Insurance Statistics

What can you do to protect yourself from Kidnap for Ransom or Extortion?

Lately Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), Corporate Representatives and Organizations have been more proactive in training their members as well as initiating Kidnap Insurance policies to protect themselves. Additionally, internal risk management groups are becoming more versed in Kidnap Insurance to be better able to identify coverages that will respond to incidents they are most concerned about.

  1. Train your employees on how to avoid Potential Kidnap situations; Stay with groups, do not travel alone, keep along well lit routes and in view of others when traveling overseas.
  2. Dress like the locals. Do not wear flashy attire that invites or attracts attention. Expensive clothing and accessories can be indicators that you are "worth kidnapping"
  3. Always carry a cell phone with an emergency number programmed in your speed dial. Many new GSM phone bands allow authorities to track you location to within several hundred meters. An open call to police can assist them in tracking your location.
  4. Do not threaten your captors. The Rambo attitude of "You can't do this to me, I am an American." Does not work, experts say that threatening of any type is a bad idea. They advise making every effort to comply with requests and make personal conversation that imparts upon your captors how HUMAN you are.