Top 10 Kidnap Rated Countries with Ransom Stats - Top 10 Countries to Get Kidnapped From

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Top 10 Kidnap Rated Countries with Ransom Stats
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The Top 10 Rated Kidnap Rated Countries

Because statistics change on a weekly basis, the following are rated as the Top 10 Countries you or someone you know are most likely to be kidnapped from the order changes on a regular basis.

Top 10 Places to get Kidnapped From

Chechnya Region of Russia

Runners Up

South Africa


Kidnap Insurance, Ransom Insurance, Extortion Insurance a.k.a. KRE Insurance

Kidnap for ransom is a millennium old crime and remains a profitable form of extortion. As long as there is civil unrest, motive, potential monetary gain and opportunity there will be Kidnap cases. Fortunately Insurance for Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion is available, it is called KRE Insurance coverage (Kidnap Ransom Extortion). Many are unaware that "Kidnap Insurance" exists. There are misnomers to Kidnap Insurance. Firstly, Kidnap Insurance is a reimbursement form, it will not pay the ransom or extortion costs outright, it is to reimburse the policy holder for expenses that arise out of ransom and or funds exhausted in negotiating the recovery of the kidnap victim. Secondly, it does not cover the cost of a team of mercenaries like a private body armor clad S.W.A.T. team to bum rush the captors and recover the victim. These plans are less effective than simple kidnap negotiations which have a higher success rate and lower rate of injury to the kidnap victim.ins

Top 10 Places to get Kidnapped From

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