Insurance Coverage for Overseas Employees

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Insurance Coverage for Overseas Employees

Foreign Accident & Health Insurance

As part of the Castle Rock Insurance International portfolio, insurance is available for employees and their family members traveling outside the United States or Canada. Coverage’s include:

Accident & Sickness/Medical Insurance

Benefits are provided in the event of accident, injury or sickness abroad. One example is if the insured becomes ill from food poisoning and requires hospitalization and medical treatment.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

In the event a covered person is involved in an accident that results in dismemberment, a benefit would be payable to the insured; or in the event of death, to his or her dependents. AD&D may be purchased separately, if desired.

Life Insurance

Employees working outside of their home country may find it difficult to obtain Life Insurance; Term and Permanent Plans are available.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Pays for the insured to be transported to a proper medical facility for treatment.

Repatriation of Remains

Covers the costs of repatriation to the insured’s home country.

Specialized Services

Castle Rock Insurance International, through our international specialty services network, coordinates medical evacuations and repatriations utilizing air or land ambulances, scheduled air or rail transportation, or limousine services, depending on the situation.  Castle Rock is dedicated to meeting the needs of our Accident & Health Insurance policyholders by providing:

  • Emergency Response 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-Week
  • Worldwide Multilingual Resources
  • Pre-Departure Travel Advice
  • Lost Passport/Baggage Assistance; and
    Legal Referrals, if necessary

Insurance Coverage for Overseas Employees

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