International Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance

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International Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance International provides specialized environmental liability insurance for companies that own or operate properties, or provide environmental services around the globe.


Castle Rock Insurance International provides a range of environmental insurance programs for environmental liabilities that arise from properties owned or operated abroad. These “fixed facilities” coverages include:

Pollution Legal Liability Select Insurance (PPL Select)

A flexible environmental insurance policy, Pollution Legal Liability Select allows the insured to pick-and-choose from a menu of site-specific environmental coverages to customize coverage to address multiple environmental hazards associated with owning or operating a facility. Coverage can respond to losses arising from;

  • On-site pollution releases at the insured site
  • Off-site pollution releases emanating from the insured site
  • Pollution releases occurring during transportation of materials by the insured or a third-party

Insured pollution releases may be the result of an unknown pre-existing condition or a condition that arises during the policy term.

Storage Tank Liability Insurance

This policy provides coverage for third-party bodily injury, property damage including on- and off-site cleanup cost from pollution conditions emanating from storage tanks.

Environmental Protection Programs (EPP)

A multi-year rate-stabilized solution, EPP combines elements of risk-transfer and risk-funding to cover various environmental exposures. It is an extremely flexible solution, customized to meet the particular insurance and risk management requirements of each Castle Rock client.


Cleanup Cost Cap Program (CCC)

Investors, public entities and developers may shy away from viable opportunities to purchase and redevelop contaminated properties because of the uncertainties surrounding future liability or unexpected and unknown cleanup costs.

The cleanup Cost Cap policy is designed to address this risk and provide essential assurance for investors purchasing contaminated properties and owners currently cleaning up properties. The policy indemnifies the insured for environmental cleanup costs that exceed the anticipated remediation cost. Expected cleanup costs can also be included in the insurance program through a risk-funding provision.


Castle Rock offers solutions to address the specialized environmental liabilities that challenge environmental service firms around the world.

Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance (CPL)

For environmental, Specialty, Trade or General Contractors CPL offers insureds coverage for claims brought by third parties alleging bodily injury or property damage caused by pollution conditions arising from covered operations. Offered on both a claims-made and occurrence basis, CPL includes payment of legal defense costs as well as on-site and off-site cleanup costs associated with covered claims.

Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)

For Environmental Consultants

Specialized E&O insurance can protect engineers, consultants, contractors and other firms that provide professional services and advice. The policy responds to pollution-related claims against the insured professional, as well as claims of personal injury and property damage resulting from alleged or actual negligence, errors or omissions in professional services.

Contractor Operations & Professional Services (COPS)

For Environmental Service Firms, Including Consultants and Engineers

COPS combines coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims, and for claims alleging negligence errors or omissions in professional services—all in one efficient policy. Both legal defense and cleanup costs are covered under the policy.

 Environmental Liability Insurance
Environmental Pollution Insurance
Environmental Pollution Insurance
International Pollution Insurance

International Environmental Liability Insurance

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