Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Coverage

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Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance. Argument for the Coverage

Standard Domestic Health Insurance Plans will not cover the cost of an Emergency Medical Evacuation.

In this article on Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance, we offer examples of the exorbitant cost to be evacuated while abroad in the event of a medical emergency.

If you do not have Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance is means that if you are abroad, overseas or traveling internationally, that you will be taken to a local facility, which in many third world countries may be a converted medical center. The difference between having Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Coverage may mean you being cared for in a local, dilapidated makeshift medical center and a world class hospital of your choice, worldwide. Shockingly the cost of an emergency medical evacuation can cost tens of thousands and in some cases in excess of $100,000!

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Opens Up Medical Treatment Options

International Medical Evacuation Insurance coverages will offer you the opportunity to be transferred to not only the closest “appropriate” medical facility of choice, but in many cases Emergency Medical evacuation coverage will allow you to be transported to ANY medic facility of your choice. This allows you the flexibility of having the opportunity of having an emergency medical evacuation take you to your own doctor.


The following are examples of cases where Emergency Medical Evacuation came into use:

December 2007
Emergency Medical Evacuation from France

A Vacationing Man was operating a rental car and was hit by a truck and his family was severely injured and rendered temporarily crippled and in body casts. They were informed that the commercial jetliner did not offer seats that reclined flat and that this method of flying was not an option.

They were forced to purchase last minute seats to be flown back home to the US in a private plane that offered lie flat seating to accommodate their medical conditions. In addition to a scrapped vacation their bills were astronomical.

Cost of Emergency Medical Evacuation: $53,185

September 2007
Emergency Medical Evacuation from Vietnam

An ACM member was hiking in Vietnam when a landslide occurred sweeping her down the mountain and into a river. The member’s traveling partner was buried in the landslide and passed away.

The injured member was rescued from the river and transported to the local Vietnamese provincial clinic where the member was suffering from severe trauma including multiple broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a deep laceration on the lower leg.

ACM received a call from a family member of the insured to advise us that they believed the ACM insured had been injured and was at this Vietnamese provincial clinic. The problem was, no one at the clinic would release any information to the family concerning the member’s current condition. ACM then contacted the hospital and also had difficulty getting anyone at the clinic to discuss the patient’s status. After multiple attempts to get the information were unsuccessful, ACM contacted the US Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam. Working directly with embassy officials, field agents were dispatched to the facility (a 10 hour train trip) to contact the patient directly and facilitate communication for ACM to ascertain the patient’s current medical condition and the level of care that was available. Once the agents reached the member, it was quickly determined that the care available would not be sufficient to allow for the member to have a successful recovery and that an emergency medical evacuation was necessary.

Working with an Asian-based air ambulance company, a med-evac jet was dispatched to a local landing strip where the patient was picked up and escorted by medical personnel to Bangkok, Thailand. She was then taken to an internationally-accredited hospital in Bangkok where she received state-of-the art medical allowing her injuries to be successfully treated.

Cost of Emergency Medical Evacuation: $87,325

May 2005
Emergency Medical Evacuation from Cameroon Africa

A man on a hunting trip was perched on the limb of a tree and a strong wind broke the limb he was perched on. He was knocked unconscious and was transported to Kenya where he was X-rayed and diagnosed with 4 broken vertebrae, one of which was shattered. He intelligently decided that the risky surgery on Kenya was out of the question. He was airlifted then to Greece, then to Brussels Belgium, then to Ireland, then to Newfoundland, then to Baltimore Maryland, and ultimately to Miami Florida to be treated.

Cost of Emergency Medical Evacuation: $122,822

At Castle Rock International Insurance Agency our job is to match the right International Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Company with the Right International Insurance Coverage for each individual or company seeking coverage. For more information CONTACT US about International Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Programs.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance Coverage

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